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  Non-gluten diet


Absorbtion disorder complex.


It is a disease which causes impairment in food absorbtion in the small intestine.
There are numerous rugocities on the inner walls of an intestine and there are villi on the rugocities. Thanks to them necessery food components are delivered to organism for its correct development. If harmful substance damages them there can occur different psychic and phisical disorders especially dangerous for children.
Absorbtion disorder complexes are divided into:
- Primary, that is inborn defect of a digestive track ( mucoviscidosis, underdevelopment of villi , enzymatic deficiency)
- Secondary, that is an aquired one ( parasitic infections, after chemotherapy, after antibiotics, after surgeries etc.)
In the first case the strict non-gluten diet is necessery for the whole life, whereas in the second one it is a temporary diet till the damaged villi are rebuilt. The main symptoms are diarrhoeas, volmiting, weigt loss, anema.


Coeliac disease.


Coeliac disease is a geneticly conditioned small intestine disorder, caused by abnormal reaction of the organism for gluten, very often with the influance of additional factors such as infections or stress.The reason for occuring the illness is lack of peptide enzyme in intestinal mucosa, which is responsible for neutralization of toxic components of grain proteins (gluten).
Coeliac disease is often accompanied by sicknesses connected with it (Duhring disease, diabetes, lactose intolerance, joints inflammation, thyroid).


It occurs in three different types: fully symptomatic, mute and latent. Fully symptomatic type- it is easy to diagnose since it occurs with the wide range of typical symptoms of absorbtion disorders. Achild stops putting on weight and growing and an adult loses weight. The symptoms are accompanied by apathy and depression.
The “mute” type is more popular than the fully symptomatic one. It is characterised by lack of outer signs and the atrophy ofvilli in the large intestine and ocurring characteristic for coeliac disease antibodies at the same time.
The latent type occurs mainly at adults who gave up non-gluten diet, at their relatives and some diabetics. Characteristic features are lack of symptoms with coeliac disease markers presence.


What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein dissolvable in alcohol which can be found in wheat grains (gliadin), rye grains (sekalin), barley grains (hordein) and oat grains (avenin).
The reason for intolerance of gluten is lack of certain enzymes responsible for digestion and absorbtion of grain proteins.


Coeliac disease diagnose.

Diagnosing the disease is mainly based on finding characteristic for antibodies in blood (markers). They disappear when the non-gluten diet is kept. Their presence indicates that small intestine biopsy should be done in order to define the degree of villi atrophy.


Duhring disease and gluten allergies.

Duhring diseaseis a variation of coeliac disease in which the main outer symptom is an itchy rash much like in allergies. They differ from each other only by the place of skin changes occurence. It is accompanied by the villi atrophy. Both gluten allergy and Duhring disease are cured by elimination diet – non-gluten one. The correct diet makes villi grow and skin changes disappear.

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